Well, That’s One Way To Sink His Chances In 2020

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“Last week, President Donald Trump’s transportation secretary, Elaine Chao, told senators that a gas tax hike was on the table when asked whether the White House would support such a move. And this week, Democrats are indicating that they too are ready to consider a tax increase — an effort that would fund publicly popular infrastructure improvements but has hit a hard wall of opposition for years from fiscal conservatives and advocates for low-income people alike. The last president to raise taxes on gas was Bill Clinton. He did so in 1993, just before the landslide election that created the modern Republican congressional majority. It’s difficult to express how stupid this gas tax would be, though Tucker Carlson tried in a notable segment on his prime time show. Carlson called the tax ‘so mindless and counterproductive there is literally no way you could get reelected after doing it’ in a riff that suggested Donald Trump was purposely sabotaging his reelection to escape from his imprisonment in the White House.”

In 2008, when gas prices were going through the roof, Republicans then in the minority in Congress dubbed increased fuel costs “the Pelosi Premium.” Why on earth would Trump want his fingers anywhere near raising gas prices on American drivers?


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