Well the man who got hired as a “period dignity officer” sure didn’t age well…

On today’s episode of Clown World, we are going back to the man who was hired as “period dignity officer”. Miraculously this did not age well at all and the job has been cancelled after backlash.

But that’s not the end of it, that would be too easy. Jason Grant is now suing.

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via BBC:

A man who lost his job as period dignity officer is pursuing legal action against the group that hired him.

Jason Grant is taking action under the Equality Act, with the possibility of a sexual discrimination claim.

Tayside’s period dignity working group said on Tuesday that it was scrapping the role following “threats and abuse”.

Mr Grant’s appointment sparked a heated debate online, with critics saying the job should have gone to a woman.

His role was created to ensure the legal right to free period products in public places and was described as the first of its kind in Scotland.




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