WELL, YES: America Is Approaching Financial Doomsday.

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via americanthinker:

Most fiscal conservatives are not surprised that the left-wing imbeciles in the White House and the Capitol Building are running up massive quantities of debt and burdening the American taxpayer excessively with the government’s bills. I mean, hell, more than $2.5 trillion was spent on just four acts of Congress by October of 2020. And let’s not forget the Biden administration’s fool’s gold, the bipartisan infrastructure bill of 2021, which, apparently, none of the 17 Republican senators who voted for its passage bothered to read. If these sell-outs had bothered to read the contents of the bill, they would find a smorgasbord of pork, like the “Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program,” which was allocated $500 million literally to demolish perfectly good infrastructure and completely redesign the layout of entire communities to make access to them more “equitable.” (This is the whole “racist roads” hogwash.) They would also find that the bill contained an allotment of $7.5 billion for the construction of a network of half a million electric vehicle chargers nationwide, even though, by the Transportation Department’s own admission, electric vehicles accounted for only 2.3% of car sales in 2020, or one-third of China’s E.V. car sales (because the moron in the Oval Office thinks everything is better in China, just ask Hunter).

But no, 17 members of the Senate who were supposed to be fiscally responsible decided to obsequiously bow down to Caesar Biden’s demands.

But then, are they actually fiscally responsible? In the past few years, Republicans have become nearly as fiscally reckless as Democrats. Donald Trump, in just four years, added $8 trillion to the national debt. Barack Obama, who added more to the debt than all of his predecessors combined, added only $9 trillion in eight! And Jeff Van Drew, who made headlines when he switched political parties from Democrat to Republican shortly after he was elected to Congress, and who also happens to be the representative of the district in which I live in New Jersey, voted in favor of the bill in the House — and this man claims to be a fiscal conservative.

We’ve been going broke gradually for a long time. It’s the suddenly that really hurts.

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It’s not that the problem isn’t noticed — a recent Pew Research Center poll found that 53% of people view the federal deficit and thus the debt as a serious problem, significantly outweighing other more-discussed issues such as climate change, terrorism or racism.

Right now, yearly deficits are going up, but the debt — essentially the sum of all previous deficits — is skyrocketing. It has done that for a decade, except for a couple of years when it briefly leveled off due to the influence of the Tea Party movement. I’m sorry to say I’ve kind of given up talking about it because nobody seems to care, and I’m afraid the politicians in both parties will kick the can down the road until something really drastic happens.

When the crisis comes — and it will — people on the right need to have a plan to slash government to and beyond the bone, and to implement it quickly and ruthlessly.



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