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Wellington Capital Group is a wealth management company catering to an international clientele of discerning investors. The company is based in central Tokyo, which has been long established as a global financial hub and is home to the second largest stock exchange in the world. While the financial industry often seems impersonal, Wellington Capital Group has long-standing client relationships because they devote significant resources to taking care of their clients. People investing with Wellington Capital Group can look forward to exemplary service and strong, steady investment returns. Loyalty is highly valued in Japan’s business culture and clients enjoy the comfort of having long-standing relationships with both their advisors and their support staff. Stable client relationships in a stable financial environment contribute to consistent and steady returns and clients that sleep at night.
Independently owned, Wellington Capital Group has the flexibility and freedom to offer clients exactly what is in their best interests. They are free from the constraints and conflicts of interest that reviews show are inherent in larger companies and bank-owned firms. Clients can invest with the confidence of knowing that their advisors are acting in their best interests, and have not been incentivized in any way. Potential investors doing their due diligence often look for evidence of an outright scam, but the devil is generally in the details and the hidden fees in many managed products can take a significant bite out of an investor’s assets over the long term. The company’s traders, brokers, economists and analysts have over two hundred years of cumulative experience, 2 PhDs and 3 CFAs. One can rest assured of being in competent hands.
Wellington Capital Group provides a wide range of investment related services in order to meet the specific needs of each investor. Services include individually tailored portfolio management, retirement planning, and offshore investment guidance, as well as access to IPOs and other special situations and alternative investments. The latter may include emerging markets, industries and asset classes. Many clients have assets in multiple locations, and from their Tokyo office WCG ensures that their clients’ global holdings are working together in harmony. Advisors regularly review client portfolios. They pride themselves as being big enough to get the job done, and small enough to remember who they are working for.
The overall investment philosophy at Wellington Capital Group would best be described as conservative growth.  By classic definition, this is a strategy of long term growth that minimizes risk by investing in companies that have shown steady, consistent growth over time. This is mainly a buy-and-hold strategy, with a low turnover ratio. Positions are held throughout the ups and downs of market cycles, with a minimum of short term trading. The process of selecting assets for capital appreciation with minimal risk entails thorough due diligence and patient number crunching. Computers can use artificial intelligence to screen the market for potentially attractive investments but what separates the wheat from the chaff are the nuances that are best picked up by the attentive eye and intuition of human experience.

People make the best decisions when they are based on rational expectations. Wellington Capital advisors start with a new client by asking what they expect to earn. Then they work through a series of questions to help both parties understand the client’s personal risk tolerance. For better or for worse, the level of return in most investments closely correlates with the level of risk. Once a client has a true understanding of their tolerance for risk and volatility, then they can have a reasonable expectation of what their annual return should look like and at that point they can develop a plan to achieve these goals. Conservative clients may want to consider hedging strategies to enhance the risk management in their investment plan. More aggressive and growth oriented clients will be interested in discussing issues like access to liquidity and an appropriate portion of investable assets that can be allocated to growth stocks and special situations. Quarterly reviews ensure that everything is on track.
Common sense dictates that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This old adage is never truer than in the financial world. Wellington Capital Group clients invest for the long term. Just as their advisors and employees invest effort to maintain clients for the long term. People are often seduced by sexy stories and the latest market darlings. This is why it’s important to have realistic expectations for one’s investment returns: it protects you from being seduced by a scam. In the stock market, like everywhere else, there is no free lunch. The most prudent way to make good investment decisions is to focus on the long term, buy good quality assets and let your returns compound over time. It’s not sexy, but it works.
While Wellington Capital works with many high net worth clients, there is no minimum investment to open a new account. Like investment portfolios, relationships and trust take time to grow. Clients who don’t feel pushed or pressured tend to eventually transfer the bulk of their assets as well as referring family and associates. For this reason, there is no stated minimum investment. Opening a new account is a straightforward, simple process with the minimum necessary paperwork. New clients should expect an in-depth question and answer session with their advisor. This is an essential part of establishing who one is as an investor and developing goals and a plan to achieve them. The company values transparency and feedback, and the management is always delighted to hear from both new and established clients.
The art and science of wealth management comes down to maximizing returns for clients while ensuring they can sleep at night. Wellington Capital Group has a solid reputation in the financial community and an international roster of satisfied clients that they have built slowly and steadily, like a well-planned portfolio. After our own due diligence and review, we are confident to recommend doing business with Wellington Capital Group.  Call or write to them at their Tokyo, Japan office for additional information.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t represent the views of IWB.

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