It Was All a Lie! Here’s the Truth About Illegal Aliens and Crime Stats

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by Chris Black

To begin with, let me make a little preamble and tell you a story which pretty much sums up the way the Obama administration (and others) skewed the truth about social issues with statistics. Mark Twain used to say: there are lies, damn’ lies and statistics. So, here it comes: do you remember the shooting of Trayvon Martin by that Hispanic guy improbably named George Zimmerman? Well, the left wing mainstream media played the race-baiting card hardcore on this incident, and they falsely described Zimmerman as being a racist white guy; also they edited the 911 call to look him make like an evil profiler and all that.
Back then, I was looking up stats on Latino/Hispanic crime, but there were mostly blacks and whites in the respective statistics. That’s when it dawned on me the government stats count Hispanics/Latinos as white, a trick that will skew the numbers pretty hard considering that Latinos have significantly higher crime stats than whites (check out “The color of Crime” based on FBI stats).
 During the research, I also found out that pedophiles are NEVER considered homosexuals, even if the vast majority of their victims are of the same sex as the perp. This is how they keep those stats skewed as well. Getting back to our story, we just got word about the real numbers regarding illegal alien crime stats in the United States. And they’re pretty shocking, to say the least. This is the first time we have an official statistic on illegal alien crime stats and the figures may reshape your view on illegal immigration. The Left (DEMs and their lapdog mainstream media, lobbyists et al) kept repeating the “illegal aliens are better than Americans” mantra for years now on each and every debate on the subject. The “progressive” argument is that all immigrants, including illegal aliens, are hard working, educated and law abiding citizens, working jobs you would never do, and they do it with a smile on their face. And the “settled science” on the subject of illegal immigrants (until now) was that illegals have lower crime stats on average compared to “native” Americans. So, not only the illegal alien is more virtuous than your average Joe Six Pack, but they’re actually safer to be around. So, what’s with all the hubbub about illegal immigration from Mexico et al? They’re superior to native born Americans, right? Wrong.
Until now, he had no reliable statistics from the US government regarding illegal aliens’ crime rates, and that’s strange, considering that Big Brother has stats on almost anything one can think of, including how many beers you drink in a year or how many pounds of beef you eat weekly. Obama’s administration went for years without honestly trying to track the volume of crime committed by illegal immigrants in the US, and it’s pretty obvious that it was politically motivated, as Barry had a hidden agenda.
The  U.S. Sentencing Commission ’s numbers show us that Donald Trump was right, as usual: they’re not sending their best. Non US citizens are far more likely to commit serious/Federal crimes. Non citizens account for 22 percent of murders, 18 percent of fraud, 33 percent of money laundering, 29 percent of drug trafficking and 72 percent of drug possession convictions. And considering that according to official figures, non citizens are 7% of the US population, these figures mean they’re vastly over represented in crime statistics. Hence, immigrants are not law abiding/less dangerous folks, but much worse than Americans.  The truth is that immigrants are much more likely to be arrested and convicted of serious Federal crimes compared to native Americans.
Now, it’s pretty obvious, at least to me, that if you break the law by coming into the US by jumping the border, illegally that is, you obviously do not care about the legality of your actions in general. But then again, I am not a “liberal”.

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16 thoughts on “It Was All a Lie! Here’s the Truth About Illegal Aliens and Crime Stats

  1. ” what’s with all the hubbub about illegal immigration from Mexico et al? ” They are in the country illegally. That makes them all criminals. Bottom line.

  2. ALL the Numbers and statistics have been COOKED LONG, long ago by our nations JEWISH BOOKKEEPERS! Some of whom PERISHED on 911 at the pentagone.
    we never get a straight story here.

    • Violent crime didn’t fall, how it was counted was changed. The same sort of manipulations were done with other stats, like unemployment numbers and labor participation rates. Statistics are a valuable tool, but they are also very malleable and subject to manipulation.

    • Lucky for us, there are stats on the web and sites like the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted. Criminals the world over come here, not just from Mexico. The Russian Mafia has been in this country for Years. We have lots and lots of Muslim criminals from Africa and Asia as well. And there are stats on Black and White and Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander and American Indian crime. We have a crime problem and don’t need to import any more criminals.

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