Welsh police turn customers away from farm shop to buy their milk – telling them they should get it from a supermarket instead

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  • Welsh police turned customers away from an outdoor milk vending machine
  • Owners say five or more families were using it when they were asked to leave 
  • Roadside machine in Berthengam, Flintshire, Wales, set up beginning of the year 
  • Provide fresh dairy milk sold in bottles, flavoured milk shakes and hot chocolate 


Welsh police threatened to fine customers who went to a farm shop to buy their milk, telling them they should get it from a supermarket instead.

Officers turned people away from a milk vending machine set up in Berthengam, near Holywell in Flintshire, Wales, after a dairy farm noticed supermarkets struggled to meet the demand for dairy during lockdown.

The unmanned roadside machine was set up at the beginning of the year and is open 24 hours a day, providing fresh dairy milk is sold in bottles, along with flavoured milk shakes and hot chocolate.

On Monday, customers complained to owners Einion and Elliw Jones that they had been told to leave by the police, Metro reports.


The logic in this beats me. So it’s more dangerous buying fresh produce from outside than buying stored stuff from inside a supermarket…



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