Went to Walmart In Georgia today!

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Haven’t been to Walmart in 6 weeks. Had to get a few things as online shipping is taking forever.

Put on a mask and headed in. Oh shit!
First of all, there was NO difference today compared to any other Saturday (virus free). The place was packed. I would say half were wearing masks.

Walmart has all these signs on the floors telling you to stay six feet away and also what direction to go down the aisles.

That was the biggest waste of money they spent. Literally no one was abiding by the six feet apart rule, nor were they going in the correct direction. Basically, anyone who cared, just gave up because it was pointless. No monitoring either, of course.

I had to go from front of store to back and it made no difference. It was a free for all.

Someone without a mask let out a big ass sneeze and I did a 180 and left.
All I have to say is we better hope Kemp made the right decision because it is business as normal in my area.

h/t Peng


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