We’re all bickering over the reasons why we’re not getting more crumbs, why aren’t we asking ourselves: “Would you rather go back to work, or get $600 from the government?”.. You’re being conditioned to rely on government packages to stay afloat- start demanding control over your own life.

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by veritascronos

You have a right to pursue life, liberty & happiness. So, then why are you so preoccupied with death, slavery & corruption? We act as if dethroning these people is impossible.

  • Politicians are representatives, not celebrities.
  • Politicians should advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.
  • Politicians should be barred from accepting any sort of compensation for swaying their vote.
  • Politicians’ vote should be representative of the ideals of their state, not the ideals of corporations.

As of right now, big money always wins in politics. The common man never wins, and those in power meant to protect the common man abuse & neglect him. Why do we accept this? Why do we sit back & argue with each other over the technique of slave masters? Why aren’t we agreeing that this is enough?

Please, be civil. Talk about this with family & friends. Don’t discuss politics. Discuss priorities. Are your representatives advocating for those same priorities?


As we approach the holidays, many are left counting their crumbs. This reminds me of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, and the importance of standing strong together. We should not be arguing over our crumbs.


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