We’re In The Biggest Real Estate Bubble Ever, Even Surpassing The Subprime Bubble That Preceded The 2008 Collapse

by Alexander Trigaux, Editor, GoldSilver  

Not only is the new real estate hyper-bubble here, but signs abound that it is popping right now:

Mike Maloney explains how we’re in the biggest real estate bubble ever, even surpassing the subprime bubble that preceded the 2008 collapse, and how it will factor into the multi-stage collapse that is coming.

US traders, habituated to rotating into bonds as their reflexive safe haven during periods of stock market turmoil, will be caught by surprise when it, too, cracks under the cumulative weight of massive funds demanding almost no premium for taking huge risks.

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This is not rocket science. We, as a nation, are spending money we don’t have by printing money we can never pay back. This cannot go on forever.

American has had no less than four different currency systems in the past 100 years. Our current system has been in effect for 47. It’s historically overdue to fail, and as taxes are cut while spending is ramped, massive pressure it being put on a fundamentally flawed mechanism when it’s been pushing close to the breaking point.

The Shiller Home Price Index is at the highest point it has ever been. Including during what we all refer to as “The Housing Bubble.”

If 2006 was “The Housing Bubble”, what does that make 2018? Find out now:


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