Sharpton: “Latte Liberals” want to defund NYPD, “but people living on the ground need proper policing.”

Rev. Al Sharpton had some harsh words for the elite white liberals who think they know what is best for the black community.

Sharpton admitted that New York City has become more dangerous, but also came out against the idea of defunding the NYPD.

When you’ve lost Sharpton…


MINNEAPOLIS: Cold Feet On Police Defunding? “It turns out that Minneapolis City Council is incompetent as well as insane.”

Remember how Minneapolis citizens were going to get to vote on whether to abolish their police department or not? It turns out that Minneapolis City Council is incompetent as well as insane. The Minneapolis Charter Commission voted against having the defund proposal on the ballot in November, mainly because the City Council didn’t provide a real plan for a post-police public safety:

The current charter, which serves as the city’s constitution, requires Minneapolis to keep a police department with about three officers for every 5,000 residents.

Before the City Council can remake policing, they must amend the charter.

The City Council sought a charter amendment that would establish a Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention, which may or may not include law enforcement officers.

Some members of the Charter Commission proposed their own amendment that would preserve the police department, but eliminate the current charter mandate to fund a specific number of officers. The commission rejected its own amendment while also extending their review of the City Council’s proposal.

Charter Commission Chairman Barry Clegg said the commission was not given enough time to study the City Council’s proposal before their deadline to get it on the ballot.

“The council came to us at the very last minute, and in fact, the council suspended its own rules to get in under the timeline,” Clegg said. “We said, ‘No, we’re going to do our job. Our job is to review this proposal, our job is to gather public input and that’s what we’re going to do.’”



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