We’ve descended into some sort of bizarre hell-world in which Piers Morgan is a voice of sanity:

Thou shalt not criticize St Meghan.

On his show Good Morning Britain they aired a clip of Meghan saying she was depressed and even suicidal when cooped up in Kensington Palace. In response Morgan said: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she says. I wouldn’t believe her if she read me a weather report.’ Cue meltdown among the Twitterati, the scalp-hungry cancel-culture mob and mental-health charities, all of whom wailed about Morgan disrespecting a suffering woman’s ‘truth’ as if he had just punched a statue of the Virgin Mary in 1930s Ireland.

Thousands of people grassed on Morgan to Ofcom. He then had an on-air falling-out with his black co-presenter, Alex Beresford, who accused Morgan of ‘trashing’ Markle. Which, as we now know, is sacrilege. Morgan flounced off set. And now ITV has said that, ‘following discussions’ – never a good sign – Morgan has decided to leave GMB. People suspect he was at least partly pushed out. It seems that way. Time will tell.

But what is indisputable is that a weird, unsettling and censorious atmosphere of religiosity now surrounds the Duchess of Sussex. The cultural elites have beatified her. They’ve made her the patron saint of critical race theory, the goddess of wokeness. To venture a criticism of this high priestess of correct thought is to risk cancellation. Questioning her ‘truth’ is to 2021 what questioning the truth of the Bible was to 1521. Okay, you won’t lose your head, but you might lose your job.

It’s quite a moment though, when one feels sympathetic to the plight of a blowhard like Morgan. As Kelly Johnston writes at Ricochet, “Americans may want to stand up and salute Piers Morgan on this one occasion and look around their own backyard and deal with the censors and cancel-culture troops who are working overtime to quash speech – and people – they don’t like. Hopefully, Mr. Morgan has learned his lesson about the value of Free Speech as well.”



h/t Ed Driscoll


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