“We’ve Got To Go Straight to the Heart of Capitalism and Overthrow It.”

by Natura Naturans

George Monbiot and the climate change heart of darkness

George Monbiot appeared recently on Frankie Boyle’s far-left political chat show, “New World Order.” A columnist and environmental activist, Monbiot explained how we have to save the planet. And boy, does Monbiot have some ideas.


The free market system has, since the 1980s, lifted billions of people out of poverty worldwide, exceeding all of the achievements of all the nonprofits in history. Monbiot and his comrades, in seeking to overthrow the modern way of life, are proud servants of moral darkness. They seek to impose socialism, communism, or some other defective ideology precisely because these will limit economic growth and human flourishing.

History proves that capitalism uniquely serves a growing and broadly shared prosperity, new innovations for health, technology, and science, and sustaining democratic government.


Climate change was always a scam, way back in the 1970’s it was the “ICE AGE IS COMING” scam:


Many of the same scientists that were screaming ice age doom turned on a dime to predict the world would roast from global warming.