What are Penalties for Treason

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Without justice we are not a people, not a society, not a country….we are a rabble. Let justice lead where it may, and be prosecuted to its fullest extent.


6 thoughts on “What are Penalties for Treason

  1. I’d like to think this will happen, but man it sure is taking a long time….i grew tired of the anticipation weeks ago…i know it cant happen all at once…or can it…

  2. The US Federal Government, no longer writes the collective ‘reality.’ In fact the reality presently being written bears the mark of extreme hubris and outright insanity. As our Commander in Chief calls for War with North Korea even contemplating a ‘first strike’ option North and South Korea a marching as a unified nation with a national flag that features a map of Korea. There are 300,000 Chinese regular army troops massed on the Chinese North Korea border. Gee! I wonder who they are waiting for? Insanity on the cusp of Idiocy. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC

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