What Are WE THE PEOPLE To Do To Stop These THUGS, Who Are Attempting To Overthrow Our President?

by Pamela Williams
I just received a email from the NRCC, and it really struck me.  The following truly speaks to the heart of the matter:
Our President needs you to take a stand against liberal thugs. No other President has faced this kind of disrespect before.
It is true that no other President has been treated in such a way as our President Trump. I consider it to be treason, and I pray the American people who voted for President Trump can somehow find a way to help in gaining control of this situation.
It is, in my opinion, and outright coup of the Presidency of the United States. How do we interact and affect such a thing? We have seen this in third world countries, and we have watched as other countries experienced such horrors.?
I cannot believe the United States is now the victim of such a coup. You may say I am exaggerating the situation, but I think not. If I am, can you tell me of another such explosive conflict we have experienced here in America? Please by all means tell me I am wrong.
The following Tweet from President Trump was included:

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Professional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters are proving the point of the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!?


5 thoughts on “What Are WE THE PEOPLE To Do To Stop These THUGS, Who Are Attempting To Overthrow Our President?”

  1. Martial law or a revolution that will lead to a civil war…one thing is certain snowflakes will be the first one to run to mommy once the SHTF starts flying their way…

      • patriot, I truly believe if the riots get violent again, he needs to do that….that is if they become out of hand again. He cannot let these violent riots become the norm. These evildoers are from Soros…I do not believe they are mainly college students.


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