What Are You Really Getting With GETTR?

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by Chris Black

–  Numerous trackers from Facebook, Google, and other third parties are embedded in GETTR web and smartphone apps.

– App permissions facilitate the surveillance of a wide variety of information about GETTR users, including fine-grained behavior and location data. This data is then used to profile users and shared with third parties.

– “Getome,” a previous version of the GETTR app that targeted Chinese-language audiences, is still published in Google Play and effectively provides a backdoor to GETTR. Users can log in and interact on the GETTR network via the Getome app, bypassing updates on the newer application. 

 – GETTR’s privacy policies fail to disclose the full extent of GETTR data collection and sharing with third parties.

– GETTR infrastructure is hosted by cloud vendors such as Amazon AWS and company email accounts are hosted by Google.

So much for conservative free speech platforms. If you want free speech, there’s always GAB and Telegram.

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