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Dallas DA says he won’t prosecute ‘low-level’ crimes like theft and felony drug possession.

Creuzot, a Democrat, has angered local and state officials, and importantly police unions, with his decree that his office will no longer be prosecuting what he has non-technically referred to as “low-level” crimes. As a recent Dallas Morning News op-ed put it, “shook” the people tasked with law enforcement and government. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say he has them “shook.”

The new agenda for the new district attorney is, he says, aimed at ending “mass incarceration” and jail time for “technical” violations which aren’t a threat to public safety. That includes a lot drug offenses, and although his letter informing the county residents of his overall plan was only published a week ago, he’s already dismissed more than 1,000 drug possession cases since taking office this year.

I’m all in favor of decriminalizing drug use, but refusing the prosecute theft seems like a very bad idea.

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