WHAT? Democrats Suggest Biden Too Bipartisa

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Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to ditch bipartisan negotiations and force big government spending packages totaling nearly six trillion dollars through Congress.

“There are certainly some in the president’s inner circle who were part of the Obama team who say, ‘Look, we can’t just have this go on forever,’” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said about the stalled legislative efforts in the Senate. “There has to be an outcome,” he pressured.

Rep. Andy Levin (D-MI) also believes bipartisanship is becoming less necessary.

“The president has laid out so well what we need to get done to build back better and create good union jobs,” he said. “If the GOP wants to work with us to achieve that vision, I’m all for it. But I don’t think we should let their opposition force us to do less.”

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Jay Carney, a former Obama White House press secretary and Biden staffer who is now an executive at Amazon, said of the stalled legislation, “I think everyone is much more realistic about whether bipartisan cooperation is possible.”

“The lesson that this team learned, beginning with President Biden, from that experience is that there is a cost to waiting too long,” added Carney.

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As for Biden himself, he stated last week that he is struggling to find bipartisanship for his radical policies without a caving to the Republican Party. “Everybody talks about, can I do anything bipartisan? Well, I got to figure out if there’s a party to deal with. We need a Republican Party. … We need another party, whatever you call it, that’s unified — not completely splintered and fearful of one another.”


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