What Does It Mean To Be “Red-Pilled?”

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by SP

First, a criticism.  He could have explained it well in 5 minutes.  The first 4-5 minutes are recommended.

To be *RED PILLED* refers to recognizing that there is a gap between:

  • what we are told is true (by the elites who own the media) and
  • what we see and understand for ourselves.

We come to understand that there is an immense gap between these.

1.  A classic example is that the US economy is doing wonderfully.  Globalization has incresed wealth.  For the 1% elite and their 20% professional-servant class (doctors, accountants, lawyers, bankers) this is probably true.  But the 80% comprising the working class recognize urban decay, homelessness, widespread poverty.

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2.  Another is that having several million middle-eastern and African immigrants move into europe in one year enriches europe with diversity.  But people living in those cities notice that the immigrants came in much faster than they could assimilate causing them to concentrate in isolated ethnic ghettos with high crime and welfare costs and pent-up rage.

3.  Another is that seeing tall buildings flying apart in their entirety in downtown NYC is perfectly normal and should not be reviewed with curiosity or skepticism.

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4.  Another is that “I am financially secure as I will be getting good pension when I retire at age 65.”

I believe that when a person disparages “conspiracy theories” what they are actually saying is that they do not yet observe this gap between and the elite media’s story and their on-the-ground experience.  Or perhaps, that they are still committed to defending the correctness of the dominant narative.

They have not been “RED PILLED.”

Video of a time-traveler from the past returning to future Earth and getting RED PILLED.



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