What else are they doing?


As an IT geek who dabbles in the cyber space (sex not security lol jk) any device you’re using that’s not completely airgapped (no outside connection to anything) is sending telemetry to the manufacturer, provider, and who knows who else. That telemetry can range from anon data about how your device is performing (hmm ok I’m fine with that) to reporting every place you go to target ads to you (f*ck off).

Here’s the best part – your favorite tech company (really any company), no matter who it is, is more than likely collecting this data barring something like it being against GDPR because why wouldn’t they? Big data has been and still is the future – pivoting off of millions of data points is what helps these companies figure out more about you than you even know about yourself. Which ok you can think it’s fine I like this big company ABC I’ll give them my data and they can use it honestly…but then here comes big company XYZ and pays for that data. You didn’t want that but now they have it, and their partners have it, and their partners, and so on. Then the cherry on top is those rogue cell towers that we have no idea who owns (government)? Yea your telemetry is getting sent there too!

In my honest opinion I think just about every smart phone continuously reports your location. I can even go as far as thinking devices are always recording but the challenge with that is it’s a MASSIVE amount of data you’d constantly be sending, how are they masking it? Not to say they don’t have the technology but that’s a ton of data to be uploading and storing. That being said I also believe, with some insider knowledge, every single telecom provider in the USA minimum is in bed with the NSA/feds to the point you might as well assume the providers work for them (by choice or force)

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TL:DR – the telemetry data on you from your devices is gold to organizations, you can assume they are going to harvest and profit off it however possible



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