What Exactly Are “Our Values”?

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by Chris Black

America’s political overclass constantly lectures Americans on “our shared values” and will often tell you “that’s not who we are” when peasants, still under the delusion that America is their country, believe they should have a say in it.

So what are our shared values?

Are they the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution?

The belief in life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness?

LOL, no. Don’t be silly. That’s racist, you nazi.

That America is dead and being replaced. We’re progressing.

Modern America is more akin to the Weimar Republic than the America you thought you lived in.

Weimerica, if you will.

Weimerica’s shared values are a buffet of decadent degeneracy, with a nasty facade of moral virtue.

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These “shared values” encompass Weimerica’s greatest value: the production and export of sodomy.

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In recent years, this has expanded to sexualizing children through grooming, tolerance of pedophilia, and the promotion of transsexualism.

More “shared values” include chronic philo-semitism, suicidal altruism for outsiders, genocidal anti-White hate of the American nation, deification of blacks, exaltation of the criminal and mentally ill, unrepentant corruption, the mockery of natural order with the delusional social construct of equality, excessive narcissism given to arrogance, banana republic politics… I could go on.

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This is modern America. Weimerica.

This happened because Americans became comfortable, tolerant, and weak. We couldn’t say no and gave into excess. Biding their time, hostile foreign outsiders preyed on our weakness and took over all of our institutions. Now, here we are living in America’s corpse as it rots all around us while we’re wondering what the hell happened.

Many are still asleep. They’ll stay that way.

But there is always hope. Keep fighting. Keep speaking out. Keep going.

Things will get worse before they get better.

But nothing is permanent.

The cycle continues, just like the seasons. We will play our part.

For ourselves and our posterity.


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