What Happens to REAL Whistleblowers?

by Natura Naturans


Defense Intelligence Agency “Leaker” Charged For Sharing Classified Intel With Journalists

As speculation about the identities of the two CIA “whistleblowers” who helped trigger Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment investigation reaches a fever pitch, we are reminded once again what happens to real whistleblowers who expose government secrets to public scrutiny via ‘non-approved’ channels.

First, here’s Matt Taibbi with a reminder of the consequences that whistleblowers often face.

I’ve met a lot of whistleblowers, in both the public and private sector. Many end up broke, living in hotels, defamed, (often) divorced, and lucky if they have any kind of job. One I knew got turned down for a waitressing job because her previous employer wouldn’t vouch for her. She had little kids.

Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden exemplify REAL whistleblowers and all have suffered greatly from the US government. Vilified for revealing Iraq atrocities Chelsea Manning is still in jail for not testifying against other whistleblowers, Snowden is safe in Russia but would probably get life in prison if he returned to the US, and Julian Assange would likely get the death penalty if he were returned to the US. THESE ARE REAL WHISTLEBLOWERS, the Democrat CIA whistleblower is just a part of the coup to remove the legitimate president of the US for false trumped up charges.



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