What Happens Tomorrow May Change My Life Forever (A BLM/Antifa “Protest”)

by SiniXster the Dread

BLM has planned a protest in my city beginning Saturday afternoon. The suburb I live in is a predominantly white, mid/upper-mid class area with no real police brutality issues to speak of. As well, the staging area for this “protest” is called the Golden Circle, a major shopping district on a main thoroughfare.

Why would they have a protest against police brutality here, and why stage it in a major shopping district? I think we all know the answer to those questions. It has nothing to do with police brutality, it’s about White privileged and looting.

My neighborhood is only a half mile away from the protest staging area, my home only two blocks off the main road. There’s a fairly large possibility that the crowds will pushed off the main road at night and end up in our neighborhood, and at that point most likely right in front of my home.

Neither our governor, nor our local officials have taken any action to protect our cities, no National Guard, no extra law enforcement from other areas sent in, no curfew imposed.

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I’ve spoke to my neighbors, there are four of us, all middle aged alpha males whom are proud of our lives, our families, our homes and our city that will be fully prepared to defend our family, property, friends and neighbors should we be forced to. And I’m here to say loud and clear, WE”LL NEVER KNEEL.

I’m a disabled Vet, if I’m forced to protect my family and property I will be forced to do so with the utmost malice, due to my recent surgeries I can’t do that physically so I will be armed, my neighbors have agreed. We have bats, knives and firearms at our disposal, and we are all fully prepared to use them in self-defense if necessary.

This is my concern, of course we will call law enforcement first if anything should arise, how quickly they respond and if we’re forced to act is unknown. I’ve already spoke with the police here and told them of my situation. Officers have told me that all surrounding city police will be out in force and that they “don’t expect” any violence or rioting. When I asked, “then why did they plan this in a major shopping district?” they had no response, just looked at each other and knew I was right.

Hopefully this plays out uneventful and it’s a peaceful protest, if not my life may indeed change forever.


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