What Have We Learned From the Covid Hoax

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by Chris Black

If anything, the scamdemic has been interesting for studying human behavior.

My conclusion is that most populations seem to be split something like 60:20:20

60% seem to go along with whatever narrative they’re told, mostly because they think politics is troublesome and just want to get on with their lives, even if they dislike the narrative in question.

20% strongly support the ruling class and parrot all of their narratives. These people are power-hungry, vicious and spiteful status climbers, low status freaks, etc. I would guess that the majority of these people have some sort of mental illness, including personality disorders, like sociopathy.

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20% or so oppose the Globalist narrative to varying degrees via protests, posting online, or simply by not getting vaccinated. This group seem to be split between normal, everyday people (with children and so on) who see where this is all going, and the more autistic types who are immune to propaganda and good at noticing patterns.

Which category do you think you fit in? Let me know in the comments section.

By the way, the pandemic is not ‘coming to an end.’ This narrative is mostly coming from Europeans who get excited every time their governments talk about mask mandates potentially ending.

Keep in mind that both France and Austria just instituted a mandatory vaccine law today, which bans unvaccinated from basically all public places.

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