What is going on in Malaysia? Lockdown suddenly lifted and volunteering for vaccines.

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by SphmrSlmp

  • Jan: COVID-19 cases started in Malaysia in January 2020 where 8 Chinese nationals came to Johor, Malaysia after coming in contact with an infected individual in Singapore.
  • There were protests from the people to block all entry from China. But the government stated they cannot do that without affecting the economy or ties with China and that Malaysians should not worry and should not be racist against Chinese nationals, most of whom work, own businesses and land properties here.
  • Feb: First cases of Malaysians being infected with COVID-19 started popping up.
  • Mid Feb: Malaysia received praised from WHO for their efforts to control COVID-19 infections. ( www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/02/18/who-praises-m039sia039s-preparedness-ability-to-deal-with-covid-19-says-health-minister )
  • Late Feb: a mosque in the capital city Kuala Lumpur held a religious event with 16,000 attendees, and someone in the crowd had COVID-19 and infected thousands of people from that event. The number of cases spiked in Malaysia.
  • Mar: Malaysian government put the country under quarantine lockdown called a Movement Control Order (MCO). MCO was done pretty well with most of the citizens following orders, staying at home, working from home, ordering food online. The streets and shops were mostly empty during this time.
  • Mar-Apr: the number of cases had gone up with an average of 100 cases a day and 10 or less deaths per day. The number continue to rise, but also stabilise (“the curve flattening”) and Malaysians even saw days without COVID-19 related deaths. And number of new cases drop from 100 a day to a mere 30-60 a day. The movement control order was still in place as the number kept dropping.

*Now THIS is where things get interesting…


None of this makes sense to me and some of these events seem suspicious.

  1. Malaysia was doing well in controlling the spread of COVID-19, so why did China send their medical experts to help out a country that was actually doing well?
  2. Suddenly, Malaysia is working with China to develop a vaccine.
  3. And Malaysia accepted to be the “volunteer” for the vaccines from China.
  4. And now, the Prime Minister suddenly announced that everyone can go back to work next Monday (4 May).

Does any of these seem suspicious to you? The hell is going on?

EDIT: China also donated 5,500 test kits to be used in Malaysia in March 2020, on top of other previous donations. www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2020/03/25/china-donates-5500-covid-19-test-kits-to-malaysia-on-top-of-previous-donati/1850148




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