What kind of morons spend $9 million for a fake Russian dossier? Surprise! It's Hillary and the DNC!

And so the worm turns. Make that worms.
Just as key congressional panels open new probes into the still-smoking debris of last year’s election, the revelation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid as much as $9 million for the discredited Russian dossier on Donald Trump flips the collusion script on its head.

Dems PAID for Fusion GPS’s piss dossier. Fusion GPS’s Natalia Veselnitskaya MET with Don Jr a month after being ILLEGALLY let into the U.S BY OBAMA ADMIN. Meeting was reason for the FISA to be REINSTATED and EXTENDED to Trump Tower. Dems paid Fusion to give them a reason to continue to spy on Trump.
1. Fusion GPS is paid by Democrats and Clinton Campaign to give them known fake piss dossier.
2. McCain got the infamous piss dossier from Kramer and immediately pushed it to Comey.
3. Natalia Veselnitskaya was in the US without a visa or any credentials and somehow found her way into Obama’s inner circle.
5. Natalia Veselnitskaya met with Don Jr and Manafort a month after being illegally let into the states by Obama admin. FISA was REINSTATED and EXTENDED TO TRUMP TOWER after they meet. This is the “wiretap.” Don Jr and Manafort walked out after Natalia had no information and began her ‘agenda’ talking about ‘Russian babies.’ But I thought they didn’t want trump to win? (See #1)
*And that’s how you “legally” wiretap your opponents before and after an election. *
Chuck Grassley wants answers from Natalia
Fusion GPS- sells dirt to get Clinton elected. Also Fusion GPS- meets with Don Jr to help get Trump elected???
We member. Eight days before the election, Hillary Clinton was peddling the Russia lie toward Donald Trump when it was HER all along.

h/t PapaLGH

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