For the 1000th time: Criticizing Clinton is not support for Trump. Criticizing Trump is not support for Clinton. A person is capable of criticizing both. In fact, I think every person should.

The level of division has become ridiculous, especially on social media and Reddit is no exception.
Example: Trump’s war on the media and the new “Fake News” term. Now most people on the left will believe every single thing they see on TV because if they don’t they will be ostracized and accused of being a “Trump supporting conspiracy theorist.”
Meanwhile on the right you have to be a complete and total hypocrite in order to not face a similar fate.
Basically it goes like this:

  1. Do you believe everything the non-right media says?
  2. Are you a hypocrite?

If you answered “no” to both of these questions, good company will be difficult for you to find.
h/t anonymoushero