What Recession? We’re Beautiful Baby!

by Chris Black

All that has mattered for over a decade is how much free cash The Fed has funnelled to banks, and how many shares corporations can buy back.

The real economy never recovered after 2008 and has continued to sink to greater depths. 

Additional trillions in deficit spending has goosed GDP, but it is all fake, with fiat money being pushed around counting as growth. 

The price gains in housing is seen as a sign of a great economy, but it is really just the dollar buying less. 

It is a net even, if you actually try to buy another house, because your gains will just buy you a home for the price it should have sold at. 

The only real way out is sending the stock market to zero.

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The added bonus is the continued idiocy of claiming cryptos are fighting the system, when they soar higher when the system gains momentum. 

Crypto is the system figuring out another way to scam.

All the algos need to see is a meet or beat to start a rally. 

The entire thing is rigged more than a Hunter Biden art deal. 

It’s such a strong economy because people are putting dollar menu burgers from McDonald’s on credit cards.

 I guess I’m also supposed to be happy that gas has finally dropped to $3.99 at a few stations.

 That doesn’t matter when a small box of corn flakes is $5.


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