What reliable websites show charts of the Coronavirus curve?

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Below is a summary of trends from today (as of late EST), for the USA, and how it compares to Global.

The data is available in more detail here.


Confirmed Cases growth is 📉:

  • Decreasing to 2.91%
  • Increasing by 70,171
  • Total confirmed cases is 2,481,287

Deaths growth is 📉:

  • Decreasing to 2.7%
  • Increasing by 4,491
  • Total deaths is 170,436

Death Rate growth is mixed:

  • 20.9% recovery rate (📉)
  • 6.4% WHO CFR (flat)
  • 11.2% incubation rate (📉)


Confirmed Cases growth is 📉:

  • Decreasing to 3.33%
  • Increasing by 25,240
  • Total confirmed cases is 784,326

Deaths growth is 📉:

  • Decreasing to 3.5%
  • Increasing by 1,433
  • Total deaths is 42,094

Death Rate growth is mixed:

  • 36.8% recovery rate (📈)
  • 5.1% WHO CFR (flat)
  • 10.3% incubation rate (📉)

Disclaimer: Please take from this what you choose. I’m also capturing individual country data, although that may still be too small to gather enough meaning from the % growth apart from Germany, Iran, Italy, Spain, France, the UK, and the US.

I am just breaking down official numbers, and although the official numbers may or may not reflect exactly how many cases remain unreported, I try to remain unopinionated in these reportings and leave the opinions and analysis to the comments.


h/t jhpianist


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