"What The Hell Do You Get To Do?" – Trey Gowdy Shocks Congress!

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by Thinker
How can an agent be disciplined for soliciting a prostitute when their superiors are engaging in things much worse. Women and children have been pawns for human trafficking, slavery, and prostitution. History continues to expose the shadow government that is promoting the coverup and protection of elite pedophiles in positions of power and trust. Trey Gowdy the Peoples Politician doesn’t care about which party one serves, but is seeking truth from every corner of of government.
Why should Americans stand behind Trey Gowdy? He only seeks the truth and wants politicians to uphold the oath they gave to the American people! Congress needs to be held accountable for actions in protecting the American people and Trey Gowdy wants to know why no one seems to be doing their job. Justice in America is being kicked started by one of the finest polticians since John F. Kennedy! Trey Gowdy for president!
2012 – Convicted U.S. Lobbyist Jack Abramoff: ‘Congress corrupt to core’ – Jack Paid & Politicians Played! Jack went to jail, but politician Tom Delay got away – was justice served or was Jack the fall guy?
When it comes to big money in America’s politics, lobbyists are the people who know exactly how it works. RT talks to former lobbyist Jack Abramoff who explains why he thinks Washington is corrupted to the core.

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The story of Jack Abramoff was produced by a man who died mysteriously in a hotel room in Denver the night before the movie was to premier at a Denver Film Festival. The truth continues to be told and by ignoring the truth Americans continue to add more links to the chains of their enslaved lives under the new world order. What are Americans and soldiers fighting for? The story of Jack Abramoff, once one of the most powerful lobbyist in the Untied States says it all:


7 thoughts on “"What The Hell Do You Get To Do?" – Trey Gowdy Shocks Congress!

  1. I can’t do video, real slow internet. So is Trey gonna demand to git answers on Podesta’s emails? What is this Spirit Cookin, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Cheese, Pasta, Walnuts and other things really MEAN?

  2. Good grief. Even Gowdy is a’ Pro Government’ dolt. Any law enforcement is criminal and deals with ‘legal fictions’ and is always outside the Common Law jurisdiction. Government is designed to be corrupt.

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