Trey Gowdy OWNS Black Lives Matter Advocate And Ethnics Studies Professor

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by Thinker
When it comes to any group in the world, money pays for people to support something they don’t know anything about. History of the founder and supporter of Black Lives Matter and most of the organizations that create chaos are owned by a member of the new world order. Paid to do what they are told and not what is right? Trey Gowdy is calling out people who are sitting in positions of power and trust and don’t know anything about what they are really doing – just getting their government check and not doing a damn thing to really make a difference for the people!
Leader Of George Soros Funded Black Lives Matter EXPOSED For Impersonating A Cop
Are young men being bribed to stay out of jail? Who are the leaders of Black Lives Matter and what is their history? Who cleaned a street thug up and made him a leader in BLM?

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George Soros and Black Lives Matter Exposed – Paying for Order Out of Chaos? George Soros funds all sorts of New World Order fronts and affairs from Hillary Clinton to Black Lives Matter.


2 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy OWNS Black Lives Matter Advocate And Ethnics Studies Professor

  1. Trump needs to set the IRS on to George Soros and his many organizations. Get him where he hurts, freeze his his money and that will finally reveal he is an enemy of the USA with his financing of numerous protest groups

  2. subversives such as soros must be arrested and tried as such. freeze all his assets,and every other country in the world needs to do the same. watch him shrivel and die then.

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