What the hell just happened at Minot AFB?

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Once again Minot AFB is in the news. Zero Hedge reports Air Force Relieves Six Leaders At Nuclear Base Over “Loss Of Confidence”.


I have another read on what might be going on, those commanders and personel were “relieved” because they refused to carry out illegal orders.

This sounds like deja vu all over again, remember in 2007 when BIG DICK Cheney tried to hijack Minot nuclear weapons for a nuclear false flag in Iraq, but the aircrew ditched into Barksdale AFB and a bunch of airmen were killed or “relieved of duty”.

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WTF are the Biden Junta up to? They are losing the war in Ukraine, what kind of big false flag are the planning? The ZH story makes no sense, you don’t just relieve six high ranking officers all at once, something VERY BIG just happened!



h/t Ground Zero

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