What the MSM doesn’t want to cover: Brandon Straka’s Speech at the #WalkAway March!

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God bless you, Brandon. This brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy to see so many Americans waking up and realizing how anti-American and anti-freedom the Democrat party truly is. For far too long, many blindly voted for the Democrats simply because they listened to the bias media, were spoon-fed false narratives within the confines of the classroom in regards to our country, and marinated in Hollywood propaganda. The truth is, the Republican party has always been the party of freedom and prosperity. Formed in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin, the Republican party’s first platform was the abolition of slavery and polygamy- they sought to protect the rights of all Americans. The first Black, Hispanic, Female, Native American, and Asian American members of Congress were all Republicans- a true testament to the Republican party’s legacy of upholding the U.S. Constitution and the core belief of equal opportunity and Viewing people as Individuals, not groups. The Democrats took nearly 100 years after the civil war to have an African American represent their party in Congress- which only occurred after they were able to lie and deceive Blacks into thinking that Republicans were racist bigots. But, as usually the case, the truth always prevails. In a time of division due to the tribalist, identity- politics- driven Democrats, those as yourself- who have found the courage and strength to stand in the face of hate and evil and fight to uphold our beautiful country’s ideas and culture- are the true heroes of our time. Brandon, you ARE a hero. You are fighting back against the false narratives that have plagued our country for far too long, and you’re walking towards the fire speaking the truth unafraid and unapologetically. You are amongst the many heroes who are combating the vile lies of the democrat party and are giving a voice to freedom loving patriots nationwide. You are also giving people the incentive and put forth the initiative and do their HOMEWORK, as opposed to taking everything the Democrats tell them at face value. Courageous souls as yourself have planted the seed, and that seed will grow into the mass nationwide awakening that America needs. We are the majority. We have your back. Keep fighting the good fight. We love you.

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