What To Expect Today From The Fed Open Market Committee (No Rate Change, Slight Decrease In Asset Purchases As M2 Money Velocity Collapses And Real Hourly Earnings Growth Is Negative)

by confoundedinterest17

From The Land of 1,000 Excuses, The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) will announce … no rate increases and a slight reduction in their assets purchases (Treasuries and Agency MBS). The announcement will be at 2pm EST (not at The Midnight Hour).

The Federal Open Market Committee is all but certain to hold rates near zero after a two-day policy meeting and announce a $15 billion monthly reduction in bond buying from the current $120 billion pace, judging that the test for tapering has been met as the economy heals from Covid-19.

There are two rate increases baked into the Fed Funds futures data as of today.

But a troubling aspect of The Fed’s monetary policy is that M2 Money Velocity is near the lowest in history and The Fed has been binge printing. What this means is that money printing has had little impact on GDP growth.

When The Fed mentions the post-COVID recovery, I hope they mention that REAL hourly wage growth is NEGATIVE.

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And REAL S&P 500 earnings yield is also negative.

The Fed will likely to blame TRANSITORY effects such as the backed-up port traffic in Long Beach for rising prices rather than their flooding the markets with too much money.

But The Fed will continue to print, even though they will blame bottlenecks for inflation rather than their haphazard drowning of the economy in money.

Given that The Fed is monetizing the reckless spending by The Federal government, particularly Pelosi’s latest budget, we will see coordination between Chairman Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (aka, Mustang Sally).

Call Jerome at 634-5789 to tell him to raise rate to normal levels.




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