What to know about Rise of the Moors, an armed group that says it’s not subject to U.S. law

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Early Saturday morning, Massachusetts police in the town of Wakefield saw two cars parked on the shoulder of Interstate 95. Men, heavily armed and wearing military-style tactical clothing, were refueling their vehicles. When police asked to see registration for the weapons, The Washington Post reported, the men indicated that they were not carrying gun licenses, and that their group did not recognize state laws.

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What followed was a standoff lasting almost nine hours, with surrounding neighborhoods being ordered to shelter in place as many of the armed men moved into nearby woods.
Eleven people have been arrested and are expected to appear in court next week to face firearms charges. They have been identified as members of Rise of the Moors, a “Moorish sovereign citizens” group whose adherents say they are part of their own sovereign nation and therefore are not subject to any U.S. law.

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