What will happen in the economy and stock market in short term (initial economic crisis) and longer term

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by SpontaneousDisorder

Short term (initial economic crisis)

  • The US stock market has started its largest bear market ever lasting 2-5 years.
  • A bull market in all interest rates will start (after perhaps an initial flight to quality)
  • A debt crisis much bigger than 2008 will occur
  • The economy will contract more than the Great Depression
  • Deflation will be more extreme than the Great Depression
  • The dollar will rise in value
  • Many corporations will go bankrupt
  • Global trade will decrease due to economic and political reasons
  • Social conflict will increase and politics will get much more extreme
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Longer term:

  • International conflict will increase and major wars will start
  • Finance will largely disappear as it is today
  • Inflation will become a problem
  • Democratic countries will move toward socialism and authoritarianism
  • The EU will fail and fracture, as will international relations generally. Countries will fracture internally.

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