What you should do if you just turned 18 and am being kicked out

by thewayitis

Make sure you get your original birth certificate, social security card, drivers license, and ALL documents that are available from your mother so she can’t play games with allowing access to them. Once you know what college you are going to, move to that town right away. College towns are much more gentle to live in at your age.

Depending on scholarships and where you go to school, find a more progressive area to live in; people tend to be kinder in wealthy areas than in the hard scrabble wasteland that is west Texas.

Apply for the AA and get an original copy, scan it into google drive and keep the original in a safe deposit box with your birth certificate $85/year.


Consider a PO Box or mail drop box for a stable address.

Forget the military, you’re halfway to a degree. That means in a couple of years you could be making substantially more money.

Talk to a financial counselor at the college you choose about how to seperate from your parents so you can get financial aid.

Live in the dorms for the two years of college, go to school full time through the summers.

Focus on your degree, forget the possibility of ANY support EVER from your parents. If they would do this to you (and your brother) now when you are vulnerable there is no support there, You shouldn’t set yourself up for disappointment by retaining any hope they will be there for you in the future.

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Apply for food stamps but also buy a food program at your school if available. Some schools still have an all you can eat food program at an on campus cafeteria.

Be careful sleeping in your car in the summer heat you could overheat and die. Drink lots of water and use public libraries to stay cool in the day.

Read about narcissism, if it rings true KEEP READING. Good luck to you, you can do this!


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