What’s bad for the country is good for the Democrats, so they’ll continue hurting the country.


ANALYSIS: TRUE. Chauvin Verdict Won’t End Left’s Race-Hatred Crusade. “Unless all of his convictions are overturned, Chauvin is going to jail for what he did that day. But the left-wing race hatred and the racialized destruction of institutions is going to be with us for a long time — especially because power-holders like George Davison refuse to defend what’s right. So, while I am grateful for what looks like closure in the Chauvin case, the leftists in this country who have taken over the institutions, and who have the media’s hot air in their sails, are going to continue pushing a narrative that is going to make people of all races fearful of and loathsome to each other. Guaranteed.”

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THEY GIVE THEIR CONSTITUENTS WHAT THEY VOTE FOR, GOOD AND HARD: Joe Biden Reacts to Chauvin Verdict and Describes a World That Doesn’t Exist – Except Where Democrats Rule.



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