What's going on?? AT&T, Vorizon, and T-Mobile all down in Cali right now…

Here’s the link to AT&T’s down detector page. People are freaking out all over the state..comments in the thousands right now!!
Can anyone report in on this thread that has these carriers what they’re experiencing?
Here’s a map of the states who are being affected right now.
Wow, some of these outage maps are lit up like Vegas. Looks like some people saying it started around midnight pacific time?
Time Warner Cable:
Green Bank, West Virginia !!!Cell Phones Are Banned!!!! NO Wireless
Mountain Turnpike twists through dense oak, hickory and spruce trees and keeps winding, like a slithering snake, through the mountains that separate Virginia and West Virginia. But on a clear day, looking south from the Monongahela National Forest, what looks like a giant white Lego structure emerges from this sea of green.
And that’s about when it starts. Your cell phone drops reception. Your radio spins, unable to pull up any stations. You can shake your phone all you want, but it won’t help. If you’re a city slicker accustomed to continuous connectivity, you might start to panic.

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21 thoughts on “What's going on?? AT&T, Vorizon, and T-Mobile all down in Cali right now…”

  1. Be alert and aware of your surroundings. This might be a good day for the family to take the day off from work and school and pray, meditate, and be open to inspiration.

  2. Here we go again. Slightest little hiccup in a service system and we start knawing at each other like rabid dogs. You guys are a disgrace. How bout we pull together in times of crisis, real or imagined, and make our founding fathers proud?

  3. ‘Cause it was fun fun fun till my daddy took the t-bird awaaaay…
    It’s gonna be a looong summer… Hopefully we all make it out alive…

  4. It is interesting to note that in the third terminator movie this kind of thing started happening right before skynet went online! Get your iodine pills ready!

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