What’s going on with GameStop? I’ll tell you

by AC

At any time during the day tomorrow if the price rises to 300 it lights the fuse.. 28000 call options contracts will be executed each contract is 100 shares.. meaning 2.8 million shares will be purchased immediately on the open market.. kicker.. if the price hits 800 there are 44000 more contracts forcing a buy of 4+M shares more at market..is the booster to beyond.. options chains.. above 300 2-3 million shares will be purchased at market.. above 800 4 million more.. yesterdays nosedive was completely fabricated .. power move from hedge they are the big losers here.. rebound was immediate.. kicker.. millions of people stop orders blocked on free trading apps (good faith violators) from purchase power t+2.. 4am Friday they can get back in pre market..expect early morning insanity going both directions

Look it up it’s all public knowledge search for option contracts

It’s wild the main stream media campaign everyone has a price they say


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