What’s Wrong with Jeff Sessions?

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by Chris Black

To start with the conclusion, President Trump is long overdue in firing his Attorney General Jeff Sessions and there are quite a few reasons for that. The thing is, Sessions has become a liability to Trump’s administration rather than an asset and, more than that, he’s become a liability to the United States. That’s why he needs to go, the sooner, the better.
It is true that both Republicans and Democrats threatened the President they will not confirm a new AG provided Jeff Sessions is given the boot. However, Trump can name an interim AG for an undetermined period of time, and that would solve the issue with an uncooperative Senate, at least until the midterm elections in 2018 when the RINOs will be ousted (hopefully).
Moving on with the story, the main problem with  Jeff Sessions is that he refuses to investigate one of the biggest scandals in America’s history and definitely the biggest of our time: the Uranium One deal, which is completely owned by Barack Obama’s administration. Then secretary of state Hillary Clinton agreed (among others) to sell twenty percent of America’s uranium reserves to Russia, which is now touted by DEMs as public enemy number one. Hillary specifically signed off on the deal, i.e. she approved the sale of Uranium One to a Kremlin backed company.
The question is how on Earth can you justify such a move, other than pay for play? Can you seriously argue that allowing Putin’s Russia to control 20% of America’s strategic uranium reserves, which by the way is one of the main ingredients for nuclear weapons, served in any way, shape of form our national interest? Obviously, you can’t. So why did Barack Obama and his administration, including Hillary Clinton, approve this shady deal? If you’re not naive, the answer is obvious: corruption, bribery, racketeering, or in layman’s terms, a lot of people involved in this were on the take, as per FBI’s investigation.
Prominent members in Obama’s administration, including Hillary, sold out US interests in exchange for money. A lot of money. Both the WSJ and The Hill have described how the Russian oligarchs, (all of them are in bed with Vladimir Putin by the way, that’s how oligarchies work) funneled almost 150 million dollars into the Clinton Foundation, while Bill Clinton himself was paid millions by the Russians during the same period. For example, he got half a million bucks for a 20 minute speech in Moscow and he’s no Demosthenes.

To smooth things out with Obama, Hillary et al., the Russians used a powerful lobbying company, the Podesta Group respectively, whose bagman was Tony Podesta, Hillary’s right hand, and was led by John Podesta, who by the way was the chairman of Hillary’s presidential campaign back in 2015-2016. The infamous Paul Manafort was hired by the Podestas to act as an intermediary, given the fact that Manafort had good connections in Ukraine/Russia. The thing is, Paul Manafort brought in a lot of Russian money for the Podesta Group, as he had been working with them for years, long before he was hired by the Trump campaign. To make a long story short, the Russians used the Podesta bros and Paul Manafort to buy off Hillary to the tune of 145 million bucks.
And there’s even an FBI informant who’s now cleared to testify on the Clinton-Russia-Uranium One scandal. And there’s more to the Russia story, as in more bombshells are to be revealed: the bank records of Fusion GPS, the company that was paid by the DNC and Hillary’s campaign to smear Donald Trump, are now scrutinized by the House Intelligence Committee. The intel in the Fusion GPS’ dossier relies on Russian government officials and from the bank records, we will find which journalists were bribed to push the fake Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory, thus proving that Hillary not only bought the Democratic National Committee but the mainstream media as well.
With all these new revelations now on the public record, Jeff Sessions remains as quite as a mouse and that’s strange, to say the least: a US AG faced with one of the biggest corruption scandals in US history refuses to investigate. At the minimum, a special prosecutor should be appointed to look into Hillary’s alleged crimes, which include the compromising of top secret intel by using a private email server, the destruction of classified emails/docs (33,000 govt emails), Benghazi, gross negligence, obstruction of justice, bribery, treason, racketeering, influence peddling, abuse of power, and last but not least, the Uranium One scandal.
I ask you: what is wrong with Attorney General Sessions? Is he compromised? Is he afraid? Is he playing 3D chess we peasants do not understand?


36 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Jeff Sessions?”

    IT LOOKS BAD when he doe’s IT AGAIN at Homelands SUCKS appointments with hidden agendas and then say IT NOT MY FAULT!!!
    please BUILD the damed WALL and prove YOUR WORTH!!!

    • WTF are you talking about dipshit? Trump isn’t Obama (ie not a communist dicator), the Congress needs to move on really making sure his agenda is in place as legislation or it can be just as easily overturned by the next communist as s wipe that gets elected. trump is working overtime to get it done, but the RINOs in charge of the House and Senate, as is their prerogative, are not interested in moving his agenda along. So the best way to get Trump’s agenda is to replace about 15 libtard Senators with an R next to their party affiliation to send a message to the rest of them. I agree he should have appointed his most trusted advisors to be the lead HR team instead of the globalist stooges the RINO leadership suggested, that’s on him. Sessions should be made head of DHS and Ruddy Guliani should be made acting AG. Or maybe ever Roy Moore. That would seriously FU the libtards.
      I would add that there seems to be this growing expectation of a purge in the early part of 2018

  2. Sessions Testimony before Congress: “I cannot confirm nor deny the existence of any ongoing investigation” regarding Russia and the Uranium One affair. We will just have to wait and see the results of the now 34 sealed DC indictments, 50 N. VA, and many others around the country. I understand they are now in the hundreds.

  3. Sessions is one of the ultimate welfare queen career politicians. A p*ssy that doesn’t know how to use a washing machine, much less cook for himself. He is more worried about his own ass than yours or mine. Typical career politico. Never made anything but laws for me and you. Easier to go after millions of casual/medicinal pot smokers than the big fish that will eat him alive. Another overpaid government parasite.

  4. Sessions MUST be doing something in the shadows, and Trump’s relative inaction, (Tweets notwithstanding), strongly suggest that perhaps we should wait a little longer before definitively writing off the AG. If I’m wrong, watch out for heavy losses in the mid-terms. Trump really needs to do the right thing here.
    So far,
    Lock her up – fail.
    Obamacare – fail (No plan after 8 years cos Republicans had already been told this would be ‘Her’ turn. They were blindsided, hence the pathetic scramble.)
    Tax Reform – yer kiddin’, right?
    Foreign Entanglements – Fail! Fail! Fail!
    He NEEDS to put this one to bed.

  5. Sessions is NOT the right person for this job…..he has done nothing but fluff off his responsibilities and went after stupid crap that is meaningless…..or was this why he was chosen in the first place? He does busy work and not REAL WORK.

  6. Reagan, both Bushes, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama and the wookie, Jeff Sessions and all 535 members of Congress and the Supreme Court. What do all these scumbags have in common? The answer couldn’t be more out in the open nor more in your face. The answer is that everyone of these scumbags have sold America out and are continuing to sell America out. We are being pimped out and sold out to the highest bidder. And you know what else? The American people could care less, in my opinion.
    P.S. Don’t look for any help from the current regime because Trump is on their team.


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