When have we ever seen this much volatility in the S&P 500 at (near) an all time high? Back in March 2000 when the Tech bubble was already imploding. Kind of like now.

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Multiple pandemic-related hype stocks have already returned to May 2020 levels. Who’s next?

BofA Says S&P 500 Real Earnings Yield is Lowest Since Harry Truman Was President

The real earnings yield on U.S. stocks hasn’t been so low since Harry Truman was president and the Cold War was just starting, according to Bank of America Corp. strategists.

S&P 500 REAL Earnings Yield At -2.33% While REAL Wage Growth At -1.43%, REAL 30Y Mortgage At -3.11%

The cause of this weird and wacky economic stuff? How about the surge in M1 Money and The Fed Balance Sheet?

There is a growing and consistent case for global ‘growth scare’… Inflation soaring… Fed is not far from hiking rates…

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