When people argue FOR YouTube’s right to discriminate, as “it is a Private Company”… I can’t help but think of a certain Baker who refused to bake a certain wedding cake and the ensuing firestorm and outrage that followed.

Or my “hypocrisy meter” is out of whack?
Whatever the case may be, it still astounds me with how much veracity and force people will protect the rights of corporations such as Google and their baby YouTube.
These corporations might not have to allow everything on their platforms, but corporations like that, ranging from Google, to Facebook, to Bayer, Monsanto. …and so many more… are everpresent in our lives and our society. They should be called out and rightfully so when using methods that creep us ever so deeper into an Orwellian dystopia.
You might think it’s OK. That’s fine. But I wonder how you would react if a controversial topic YOU supported would suddenly start being censored on major media platforms.
YouTube might not have what is officially called a monopoly, but it’s range of influence is vast. And that range has been created through years of lack of censorship and the gaining of people’s trust. Now, when the time is right, they might just start pulling the plug on any freedom of expression on their platform and start banning those that are deemed to controversial for then to handle.
Fine, YouTube can do what it wants. But the outcry should still be there! The awareness of what is happening on YouTube should be spread far and wide, so that the people that were once supporters of YouTube start to abandon that platform. Over time, if this is a success, YouTube will start getting legitimate rivals and the port to other platforms will be complete.
That doesn’t mean you can’t still support the content creators you love on YouTube, but it does mean that considering, visiting and supporting (with your presence if nothing else) another platform is something we should all be striving for and thinking about.
If nothing else, the awareness of what YouTube is doing should be spread far and wide. People should know about it in order to make an informed decision on whether YouTube should retain the popularity it still has, or whether we should all be considering alternative solutions and platforms.
h/t odd-meter