Whenever the Left Takes True Power, Millions Die, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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by Chris Black

The left believe people are subjects. They don’t understand the meaning of a citizen. They don’t believe in the sovereignty of the individual, and that you must bow to the authority of government.

They also do not believe in elections, and prefer selections, i.e. people who are appointed.

Liberalism is a mental disorder that requires subjugation in order for that person to function.

Without daily orders from a person of authority, the liberal wanders about, not knowing what to do.

They were told to wear a mask to protect them. So they wear it without question, not believing that their precious government would lie to them.

They got vaccinated because they believe in the cause, not the protection granted.

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The liberal wants to be a subject, because they have no real value to society, which is why a society based on liberal principles always fails.

They think anyone can do any job, because they are too stupid to perform any meaningful task. With no knowledge of how anything works, they cannot be expected to make anything work.

Yet they will tell you, that they know better than you as to how you live your life.

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