Whenever there is a Shooting Anywhere

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Their agenda is so clear it makes me sad to see so many falling for the demonization of white folks and the NRA whenever a shooting of any kind happens


YouTube Shooting Is Falling Out Of The News Because It Fails To Conform To Gun Control Narrative

A mass shooting happened Tuesday at YouTube’s headquarters in California, and it might be impervious to politicization.

An animal rights activist named Nasim Aghdam allegedly wounded three people before she apparently turned the gun on herself, marking the only confirmed fatality of the day.

It’s not exactly clear at the moment why Aghdam shot up YouTube. Early reports suggested she was targeting an ex-boyfriend, but police ruled out specific targeting on Wednesday. Her father said she was upset with YouTube and one of her last videos — she made dozens of bizarre videos on the platform — complained that the tech company was demonetizing her content for being too “left-wing.”

Aghdam used a handgun in her attack, a weapon that is not in the crosshairs of gun control proponents. She’s also a woman of Iranian descent, an identity that doesn’t lend itself to left-wing narratives about the threat of angry white men.

The shooting appears to be the case of just one deranged woman taking out her anger over a perceived wrong. There’s no larger political connection here — whether it be terrorism or gun control.

However, liberals were very eager to politicize the shooting when it was first reported. Leading the pack, actor Michael Ian Black immediately blamed the shooting on the “terrorists” over at the National Rifle Association.


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