Where Are Eric Braverman And Neil Brown? Missing For 77 Days – Mind-Blowing New Theory – NOC?

by Pamela Williams
I began a report on “Where Is Eric Braverman?” some time back, after viewing a video by YouTube researcher George Webb. Since that time, I have tried to keep up with Webb’s series on “Where is Eric Braverman?” which has grown to “Day 77 – Where Is Eric Braverman?” As many of you know, Eric Braverman was Ex-CEO of the Clinton Foundation. He mysteriously quit tweeting on October 12, 2016, and failed to show up for his job as a speaker at Yale. There have been reports that he was seeking asylum in Russia, or he had gone into a witness protection program, as he might testify against the Clinton Foundation. Of course, many of us felt that since he had access to the inside secrets of the Foundation, he possibly would seek counsel and come forward with testimony that would expose mysteries within the Clinton machine.
Webb reveals mind-blowing criminal aspects within the Government with tentacles that reach all over the globe. It is more of a system of betrayal of the people that inhabit this planet by the Elites of this world. It is an age-old system put in place by those who covet wealth and power in the form of covert activities with labels such as the CIA, Government positions, heads of Countries, arms traders, oil companies, and sex-traffickers. I guess you could say all these things make the world go round, and it is shocking to finally see this…harder to understand it.
Webb explains all of this in his video series. He asks hard questions about the murder of Monica Peterson. Of course, most of you know she was a young woman who attended the famous Korbel School, graduated with honors, went on to do research into sex-trafficking, which led her to Haiti. She taught at a school there and began to help those victims of the Haitian earthquake. Of course, we also know that Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundation went into Haiti. There was money donated to the Foundation for use in Haiti that disappeared. It is alleged that Monica tapped into wrongs done in Haiti by the Foundation, while she was doing research on sex-trafficking. Monica was found hanged, and her murder has been called a suicide, but her Mother says this simply makes no sense knowing the person that Monica was. I want to share a link I found with a video that was made for Monica that was played at her memorial. It is very touching and when you view it, you will know Monica well. www.prayfuneral.com/obituaries/Monica-Petersen/
Neil Brown and Eric Braverman were married, and it appears to me their union led to great changes for both of them. Neil Brown was an oil man who oversaw big oil pipeline deals by many oil companies, heads of Countries, politicians, and the global elites. It is amazing to see the pieces of the puzzle come together in the video series by George Webb. You may be asking why you should believe Webb’s story, and that is up to you to decipher. I just happen to believe him.
Back to Braverman and Brown, while most of us following this story were concerned that Braverman might be deceased, I have to admit that as of late, I have felt he had gone underground. I have also wondered that Neil Brown might have ditched him after Braverman learned of the global den of snakes Brown was working in. But now that I look back, I realize that Braverman was working with the Economic part of the snake, while Brown was working with the oil part of the snake. Somewhere along that line I believe that both Braverman and Brown partnered to meld both of those worlds together: Economic and Oil Pipelines. While Braverman worked to supply the money, Brown worked to build the oil pipelines. Yet, what might, and I say MIGHT….have laid ahead for the two would be a transformation that most of us could not even begin to imagine.
Webb laid out a theory today that blew my mind. Since watching this latest video, which I will link here, I have done nothing but research NOC. The video link is:


Published on Jan 8, 2017

Are NOCs For Real?

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Who Killed Monica Petersen?
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Trump Wants to Shake Up the CIA

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Due to the very large number of citations and sources, I now publish them with each slide. I try to order New York Times Pulitzers first, then former NYT Pulitzer winners, then New York Times writers. Any other reputable source like WaPo, WaTimes, Tribune, LA Times, Seattle P-I, etc are then list. Then second tier media followed by alternative media.
Murdered journalist and investigators get a higher ranking than remotely sourced stories through offshore news funnels like SOHR.
Back to my report:  What is a NOC: 

Non-official cover (NOC) is a term used in espionage (particularly by national intelligence services) for agents or operatives who assume covert roles in organizations without ties to the government for which they work. Such agents or operatives are typically abbreviated in espionage lingo as a NOC (pronounced “knock”)

Now that you know the definition, maybe you can follow what is coming next.  But first, I think I will quote more sources on the NOC subject.  It takes a lot of getting used to, or at least it did for me.  I had never heard of the term before George Webb mentioned it on his video today.

Robert Dreyfuss’ revelation that the CIA is engaged in economic espionage (“Company Spies,” June 1994) was covered extensively in Japan, but so far no American newspaper or network has touched the story. Now, Dreyfuss offers more proof.
William Casey’s ghost haunts the Central Intelligence Agency.
That ghost, a Central Intelligence Agency program revived by the late director in the 1980s, marries the spy agency to corporate America in order to gather intelligence on economics, trade, and technology. Now that the Cold War is over, agency officials have latched onto the idea of collecting clandestine economic data to justify the CIA’s inflated budget, even as the CIA’s competence–indeed, its very existence–is being questioned.

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And dozens of U.S. corporations–from Fortune 500 companies to small, high-tech firms–are secretly assisting the CIA, allowing the agency to place full-time officers from its operations divisions into corporate offices abroad.
Serving under what is referred to as “nonofficial cover” (NOC), CIA officers pose as American businessmen in friendly countries, from Asia to Central America to Western Europe. There, they recruit agents from the ranks of foreign officials and business leaders, pilfer secrets, and even conduct special operations and paramilitary activities.
The story of the CIA’s NOC (pronounced “knock”) program, revealed here for the first time, raises serious questions about the CIA at a time when the agency is already beset by scandal. Yet the NOC program has grown to its present bloated size without any public scrutiny–and with no open discussion within the companies whose interests could be harmed by a spy scandal. 

Remember Valerie Plame? 

Former CIA case officer Jim Marcinkowski, a former classmate of outed CIA case officer Valerie Plame Wilson (see Fall 1985), is outraged by the revelation of Plame Wilson’s CIA status and the allegations that the leak of her identity is not a crime (see July 14, 2003 and September 29, 2003). Another former classmate of Plame Wilson’s, former CIA agent Larry Johnson, says: “[W]hat I keep seeing in the newspaper is the spin and leak that this is no big deal. And that’s got to stop.… The problem with this is a lot of the damage that has occurred is not going to be seen. It can’t be photographed. We can’t bring the bodies out because in some cases it’s going to involve protecting sources and methods. And it’s important to keep this before the American people. This was a betrayal of national security.” Marcinkowski concurs: “This is an unprecedented act. This has never been done by the United States government before. The exposure of an undercover intelligence officer by the US government is unprecedented. It’s not the usual leak from Washington. The leak a week scenario is not at play here. This is a very, very serious event.” Plame Wilson was an NOC, or nonofficial cover officer (see Fall 1992 – 1996). “It was the most dangerous assignment you could take. It takes a special sort of person,” says Marcinkowski, who is now a prosecutor in Michigan. Former CIA official Kenneth Pollack agrees, describing an NOC’s identity as the “holiest of holies.” Many believe that the outrage among the rank and file of CIA agents and officials at Plame Wilson’s outing was so strong that CIA Director George Tenet had little choice but to recommend that the Justice Department investigate the leak (see September 16, 2003). Marcinkowski says: “In this particular case, it was so far over the line, I think myself and a lot of us were truly outraged that the government would do this.… I mean, we kept our mouths closed since 1985, when we joined.” Johnson, noting that both he and Marcinkowski are registered Republicans, says: “As a Republican, I think we need to be consistent on this. It doesn’t matter who did it, it didn’t matter which party was involved. This isn’t about partisan politics. This is about protecting national security and national security assets and in this case there has been a betrayal, not only of the CIA officers there, but really a betrayal of those of us who have kept the secrets over the years on this point.” [Guardian, 10/22/2003; CNN, 10/24/2003]


I may have to word this a little differently, but every anecdote I’ve
picked up in the last 5 years or so is that nearly everyone the National
Clandestine Service is recruiting is planned to be a NOC of some sort.
Much of the higher level parts of the station, and the security officers
are on diplomatic cover, but most regular IOs are NOCs. Once the NOCs are
burned they often get moved to an official cover.

I could be wrong, but I definitely think the old assumptions about the CIA
are no longer true. Everything I’ve read and heard is that they have
moved on from diplo covers for many of their officers to business covers.
On 5/23/11 3:10 PM,  XXXXXXX wrote:
While some of these efforts are to deal with jihadists- disguised within
large groups of Afghan nationals- this also places barriers on foreign
intelligence officers in the country. While non-official cover is a
more common status for CIA intelligence officers overseas, many of the
security officers and more senior officials are on various diplomatic
documents. Actually, NOC’s are FAR less common than official cover


Nocs who are simply given a business cover are easy to spot. The
develop$emt of a noc that is effective depends on developing a cover that
can’t be penetrated because it is who the person is. This takes many years
and infinite patience. The current practice merely increases the risk to
the agent without doing anything for effectiveness. Being a noc is not
about bureaucratic classification or superficial identity is a way of
life. Very few people have the appetite or psychological motivation for
the effective abandonment of their own personalities and few handlers can
stand the stress of managing deep cover.

Most american companies are suspecred of housing cia agents as we are. So
that’s no cover at all. Having someone become an executive of a foreign
comppany and be a foreign national is what is essential. This requires the
use of first generation immigrants as the chinese do and as the the united
states does intermittently. The problem is that the security people set
standards that people can’t possinly meet. Some dci waive these standards
and some tighten them.
When they are tightened you get mormons working for american accounting
firms trying to do intelligence in beijing. The trick is for the us to
employ first or second generation chinese at an early early age, craft the
needed cover meticulously, and have them live in china, speaking native
chinese, marrying chinese spouses and growting that way. It requires the
fbi to hire hundreds of first generation chinerse to meet and double
chinese operatives.

Now, that we have a good understanding of what a NOC is we can continue to think about the theory that George Webb made today about Eric Braverman and Neil Brown.  I had begun to go in a direction such as this, but I had never heard of a NOC.  I had really felt Braverman might be deceased at the hands of Neil Brown.  I had felt Neil Brown was continuing to do business of putting together the whole oil pipeline deal.  However, I had felt Eric Braverman had distanced himself from the “snake”….that is what I will call this whole global mess built upon the lust for money and power.  Oh, not to forget the blackmail of so many elites that fall for the sex schemes called “brownstones.”  They just set each other up for sex with underage kids, then blackmail the targets, and then take their money.  If that doesn’t work, then as Webb says, they bomb them…of course, that is if the target was a head of State.  Can this all be true?  I am afraid it could be, but this is only fiction, right?
I pray that a miracle will occur for the world, and President-elect Trump will send 200 FBI agents to Haiti to investigate the murder of Monica Peterson.
I pray Trump will cut the head of this “snake” off, exposing all the ugly hidden guts of the beast that has taken over our world.  Believe me when I say this “beast” is not human. 
I believe that we can no longer be lumped into one category called “humanity.”  We are no longer ONE humanity.  Some have morphed into a new category of “beast.” We see this beast circling around humanity to devour what is left of us. I think our survival depends on knowledge of the beast/snake entity, acceptance that it is not of humanity, acceptance of knowledge that will be difficult to process, and faith in God that He has a plan for this world.  Never look away, never quit learning, and you will continue to grow in the wisdom needed to stay the path. 
This is a theory of “Where is Eric Braverman?”  Neil Brown, and Marc Turi is included in this question and puzzle, but a puzzle can be solved with the right pieces.  The next question is “who murdered Monica Peterson?”  I feel that ….I repeat “I feel” that Marc Turi is gone from this world.  I hope that Monica Peterson’s death will be investigated by the United States.  She was an American citizen who was murdered abroad.
I cannot verify any of the theories spoken of in this report.  I do believe George Webb is an honest man, who understands this world that he is investigating and reporting on.  I am in turn reporting on Webb’s video series and the questions presented concerning these real people, who are missing or deceased. May God help us find answers to these questions soon.  May God watch over us ALL as He prepares Judgment Day upon this Earth.  May it not be long. 


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