Where Are Rich People Moving To? Which Cities Are Millionaires ABANDONING?

Money has always been concentrated. Whether it’s geographic concentration or in terms of the societal aspect. Today we see a wealth gap which hasn’t been observed or a very long time. The middle class is disappearing and the majority of individuals are finding their way out of cash and into poverty. The trouble is that the statistics generally do not capture the hardships that so many people face. In the next crisis, the disparity will worsen significantly.

Why are wealthy people leaving certain countries and moving to others? Is it because of taxation? Or are there other factors?

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global-wealth-distribution.png (796×868)


global-wealth-uhnwi-map.png (796×491)


chart-millionaire-migrants.jpg (1070×1817)


global-wealth-percentiles.png (796×491)


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Global Wealth Report 2018


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