Where is Buffett’s $128 billion in “Cash” really invested in?

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by StyleRaptor

Berkshire breaks out cash holdings in its quarterly reports. The balance sheet on page 2 of the latest SEC Form 10-Qshows $71 billion in cash and equivalents and $53.4 billion in US T-bills. An additional $3.7 billion in cash equivalents appears under the railroad operations broken out near the bottom of the page. Cash and equivalents includes a large proportion (above 80% in 2018 Form 10-K) of government securities maturing in the very short term (less than 3 months). The same 2018 report states, “Cash equivalents consist of demand deposit and money market accounts and investments with maturities of three months or less when purchased. Short-term investments in U.S. Treasury Bills with remaining maturities exceeding three months at the time of purchase are stated at amortized cost, which approximates fair value” on page K-69. Interest rates on the portfolio will approximate the short end of the treasury curve (~1.55%).

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Berkshire’s $19 billion bond portfolio (considered separate from the aforementioned securities) is broken out in further detail on page 10:

US Treasury/Agencies: $3.8 billion
Municipal: $0.2 billion
Foreign Governments: $8.2 billion
Corporates: $6.2 billion
Mortgages: $0.4 billion

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