Where your tax dollars are going (immigration) Central Texas Wamlart Edition

via GLP:

So, I had to stop by the local Wamlart to get some stuff. the self checkout had a line 75 ft long, so I go to the regular checkout, which looked to be a quick and easy getaway.

I was wrong.

The Spanish speaking family that was paying for their stuff was having card problems. OK, it’s a holiday, no big deal, I’ll wait.

They had 1 cart completely filled with meat. Just meat. To the brim. I’m talking $1000 dollars in meat.

The next two carts were full of food of various sorts, let’s say another $1000. Mind you, I had just cashed my $2000 paycheck, so I know what shit costs in this area, and I’m a little pissed that someone can just waltz in and buy my paycheck’s worth of food. Yeah call me what you will, I don’t care.

Cart #4 has an air conditioner, with clothes and various Wamlart shit piled on top. Probably 8-900$ worth of shit.

Here’s the fun part. The lady pulls out a card and runs it. There is some problem. They run it again.
That’s when the cashier says (I know enough Spanish to get by in Tejas nowadays) that card is only good for food. The lady stops, and says, I shit you not:

(en Espanol)“No. That is the card they give US(not ME) at the border, they said it will pay for what we need:”

Cashier says ,yeah, well, it does for food only. So they figure it out and put 1,760 and change on THAT card.

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Cashier says you need another $1006 to cover the rest of the stuff.

SO she pulls out another card, Identical to the first, and runs it. It covers some of the other shit. Managers are called, they f**k with the register, and finally they tell her she owes $206 more dollars, the card is dry. She huffs and argues.

By this time I’m mad, and now i’ve been standing here 16 minutes, I KNOW they are illegals, spending gubmint money in excess of my paycheck AND HALF ANOTHER already in one stop.

So I say (en espanol) Just pay for the rest god damnit and f**king move out of my way.
The husband gives me the look, I cuss his ass in Spanish, too. He looks away. The semi-tard looking 14-15 year old kids look a little frightened at this point.

So The lady pulls a wad of 100s (and they must all be hundreds, or she was too pissed to mess with exact change) and peels off 3 bills to cover the rest.

Change is made, they saunter off, and I pay for my stuff.

If I’m lying I’m dying.

So, evidently, that’s why we go to work every day, so that new immigrants can eat well on my Independence day.

I’m just gonna quit. F**k it.



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