While Dems release thousands of prisoners from jails, one town in Colorado threatens ONE YEAR in jail for not wearing a mask

by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The Colorado city of Englewood, a suburb of Denver, has imposed a new mandate – which is not a law, by the way – “requiring” all residents and people who visit the city to wear something blocking their faces when outside the house, or else face lofty fines and a potential one-year jail sentence.

Even as the Left screeches about defunding the police, mask-pushers everywhere are demanding that anyone who dares to show mouth and/or nose when in the presence of others be approached by the cops and harassed, fined or worse.

In Englewood, the “emergency order” issued by City Manager J. Shawn Lewis and “approved” by the city council states that everyone over the age of six in Englewood will have to don a mask every time they leave their home, or else the police will come after them.

The order states that face coverings are necessary in all retail and commercials businesses, as well as government offices, health care facilities and veterinary offices. People must also wear them while riding and waiting for public transportation such as buses, as well as inside taxis and other ride-sharing vehicles.

Exemptions include people working in offices who are able to maintain at least six feet of distance from others, as well as those whose health is in any way inhibited or negatively affected by having a piece of cloth blocking their breathing passages.

“Workers with health issues that preclude them from wearing a Face Covering must document those concerns with their employer,” the order goes on to state, indicating that employees in Englewood can also inform their employers of health concerns over mask-wearing in order to gain exemptions.

Oh, so now we CAN’T abolish the police because we need them to enforce mask-wearing

While it remains unclear whether or not the city’s police department is actually enforcing this order, it does state that the department has the authority to impose penalties, including $15 fines for first offenses and $25 fines for second offenses.

The order also indicates that a person can be charged with a maximum penalty of a fine up to $2,650, 360 days in jail, or potentially both.

“Any person charged with an offense under this Emergency Order may choose to enter a plea of not guilty and be entitled to trial as authorized by law in accordance with E.M.C. 1-7-4,” the order further explains.

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Effective July 9, 2020, the order indicates that it shall remain in effect “until rescinded by action of the City Council or the City Manager of the City of Englewood,” though the legality of this type of indefinite decree remains questionable.

While many will comply with it due to fear, others are likely to challenge this edict in court on constitutional grounds. Forcing people to obstruct their natural breathing as a condition of being “allowed” to move about in public and engage in commerce would seem to be far outside the bounds of government jurisdiction.

It is also laughable that Democrats in support of such an order are simultaneously demanding the abolition of the very police systems that would be necessary to enforce it. Somehow the police are becoming essential once again now that the Left wants to make sure that everyone has a piece of cloth over their faces at all times.

The city of Englewood is claiming that it has the authority to impose the order on the grounds that it is necessary “for the protection of life and property, including, but not limited to, establishing regulations governing conduct related to the cause of the public health emergency.”

“If any provision of this Order conflicts with any provision of the City of Englewood Municipal Code, or any provision of the City Council’s Procedures and Rules of Order, this Emergency Order shall control,” it concludes.

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