While everyone’s arguing about obstruction tweets, and a NYT editor’s racist tweets, the house and senate quietly pass a $717B military budget. An increase of over $100 billion.

The powers at be keep the war machine working. While the theater is played out with tweets and memes, the oppressing US military is being increase by more than $100 Billion. This amount could be used to provide free education (Let’s talk on this in the comments if you’d like). They will scream and yell if you talk about money for education, but nod and shake hands while silently gouging the common citizen to pay for an overgrown, overused military.

And 139 (?) Dems voted for it without so much as a debate. Some resistance. If you still buy into the 2 party myth I’m curious how that fits in. It’s an absurd increase to an already absurdly large budget.

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h/t KindConsideration


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